Our analytical solutions are based on both tools and fuctions of spreadsheets as well as more advanced statistical software.


Each analysis is provided with business interpetation. It's also possible to prepare graphical visualisations of the results.


Please find below part of our available solutions.



Historical data analysis - trend, seasonality, realisation vs. forecast.


Historical data cleansing - getting baselines for sales forecasts.


Construction of an statistical time series models for the selected aggregation level of the product (product group, brand, all SKU's, etc.). Enabling forecasting by changing particular factors (e.g. change of price, change of distribution, new product implementation)


Construction of an statistical models for forecasting at the customer and sales channels, with appropriate phasing of the promotion and calendar.


KPI analysis - forecast accuracy, forecast bias, customer service level, inventory level etc.


Analysis of the current S&OP process, recommendation for potential improvements, design of new processes.


Feasibility study for the implementation of the statistical forecasting module in SAP APO DP

Questions that we are searching answers to :

Are the methods that I use in the forecasting process enable me the achieve the best results?


What are the main variables influencing my forecast?


What would be the impact of the change of particular marketing and sales activities on my forecast?


What is the baseline, trend and seasonality of products that I forecast?


Is there a parallel promotion planning process, is it the effective one?


Is my forecast properly divided into planning periods (quarters, months, weeks, days) ?


Are the tools I use are understandable and helpfu l?


Do I fully utilize the SAP APO DP potential ?


How to implement statistical forecasting module in SAP APO DP ?


Is the safety stock for my products properly calculated ?


What is the most optimal level of inventory versus customer service level (CSL)?


Construction of an econometrics models explaining the impact of individual marketing activities on sales, including:


  • the impact of advertising measured by, for example, GRP,OTS / OTH, etc.
  • the impact of price change, price elasticity.
  • the impact of packaging size change.
  • the impact of selling another product, cannibalisation.
  • the impact of competitors activities.
  • the impact of increase / decrease of numerical distribution.
  • influence of activities in each of communication channels.


Construction of forecast models on the basis of exlained historical effects - support the budget process.


Quantitative analysis of marketing data - brand performance, trends and market data. Develop recommendations for brand management and strategy based on market data.


Other analyzes based on statistical and econometrics models, e.g. evaluation of the profitability level of advertising campaigns, implementation of new products, brand position measurement, market segmentation.

Questions that we are searching answers to:

Is my brand marketing effective?


To what level is it profitable to expand marketing expenditures ?


To what level is it profitable to expand product portfolio?


What is the cannibalization between my products / other brands?


What is the price elasticity of my products?


What would be the potential impact of changing the price of my products?


What factors influence on my brand sales?


What is the real sales forecast for my products?


Is the implementation of the new product correctly calculated?


Are competitive activities more effective than on my brand ?


What is the consumer loyalty ratio of my products?


To what level it is profitable to give discounts to my clients ?


Which promotion mechanisms are most effective?


What is the actual volume of additional sales generated by promotions?


Are competitive activities more effective?


What will be the most profitable way to allocate promotions through sales channels and customers?


What is the real sales forecast for my clients?


Are my sales goals realistics ?


What are the main factors influencing my sales ?


How does customer sales affect the size of their orders ?

Questions that we are searching answers to:

Analysis of sales activities in the company, including:


  • Promotion effectiveness in the levels of client / channel / type and level of discount.


  • Size of incremental sales including promotinal lifecycle


  • Effectiveness of trade-marketing activities, shopper activation, additional listings, etc.


  • Analysis of the effectiveness of sales forces in the levels of
  • POS / customer / channel.


  • Analysis of product rotation on the shelf,


  • Analysis of competititors activities.


Construction of an statistical models forecasting sales- support in the promotion planning process (promotion phasing) and in the budget planning process.